5 Personal Savings Habits to Cultivate in 2019!

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The dawn of a new year marks the culmination of resolutions. We make resolutions to read more books, adopting healthy habits, living a happier and more fulfilled life… you name it! Personal financial aims almost always gets its fair share of the New Year’s resolution plan.

Savings come on with a plethora of benefits; you can capitalize on interest rates, secure your retirement life and meet expenses for unforeseen contingencies. To make sure you reap on these benefits, here are 5 personal savings habits you should cultivate in 2019.


  1. Practice Frugal Living

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Living within your means’? This phrase isn’t coming out of fashion anytime soon. Frugal living calls for spending less than you earn. You consciously develop a habit of slashing off unnecessary expenses for savings. Here are some ways to practice frugal living;

  • Cut-off all subscription costs. The internet is a goldmine of free information and services. Take advantage of this.
  • Limit eating at restaurants. Cook your meals. It will save you money.
  • If you must purchase, promotional products would be ideal.
  • Refrain from using credit cards. They are parasitic. They can zap your savings with high levels of interest rates tied with their purchases.
  1. Craft your budget

One of the most crucial personal savings habits is crafting your budget and sticking to it. Split your budget to carter for all the necessary bills and save some portion. Crafting your budget will help you weed out unnecessary spending.

  1. Open a savings account

The earlier you open a savings account the better for you. According to the Forbes magazine, saving 10% of your monthly income would suffice. It offers the prospect of fetching you revenue daily through compounding.

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Periodic deposits to your savings account calls for massive amounts of discipline. One rule of thumb worth noting, pen down directives with your bank to deposit to your savings account on pay check. This will limit any defaults.

  1. Create a retirement plan

It’s definitely one of the top-notch ways of optimizing on your personal savings. This could be done through your bank, cooperative society or any trusted company involved with retirement plans.

You make periodic payments to the bank or company on a monthly basis. These amounts amass to ginormous figures which is provided to you later on in your retirement years. A financial habit definitely worth cultivating in 2019!

  1. Abstain from procrastination

The effects of chronic procrastination can be harmful to fulfilling your financial aims. How? Delayed savings and investment during early years will constrain your retirement savings. In Charles Dickens words, “Never do tomorrow what you can do today” defines procrastination. Strive to fight this deadly bug when it comes to personal savings.

Here are few tips to help you abstain from procrastination;

  • Start saving early. It’s never too late to start.
  • Commit to settling your bills on a specific date. This should be way before due dates.
  • Reward yourself once you achieve milestones in your financial goals.

Now you have the tools to get started with your savings plan. If you’re to make 2019 a successful financial year, cultivate these personal savings habits. Go for it!





Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

One funny thing about the thrill of life is that it’s a paradox. Life dictates its own terms. Physics would remind us that for every action there’s an equal opposite reaction.

For you to know success, you must know failure. To know sweetness you must know bitterness. For you to be cognizant and appreciative of your health you must know sickness. To know happiness, you must know sadness. It equally goes without saying that for you to be comfortable you must know being uncomfortable!


Sir Charles Dickens gets it right- “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

In my previous post, I talked about struggles being inherent to the kind of life we all crave for. Without challenges, there’s nothing to overcome. You can’t possibly have the “best of times’’ without simultaneously having the “worst of times.’’

The law of opposite’s equal action and reaction translates to the law of growth. The more extreme the difficulty the more the growth occurs. It has been said that growth commences at the end of your comfort zone.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable basically echoes growth. It revolves around being intentional in discovering new paths, ideas and routines that challenge the norm and jumping over hurdles that make you to grow.


And one may ask, Hey Richie what is the definition of comfort to you?

Well, comfort is the space where your behaviors and activities are congruent to a specified pattern or routine that seeks to minimize effort, stress and risk.

Your thinking is but ‘Hey Richie, it’s rational for human beings to minimize effort’. I rubber stamp that line of thought! No objections to that. Comfort is unsafe in the long term; it leads to complacency, discontent and boredom. You wouldn’t want to gnash your teeth once the permanency of comfort sets in and you willow in the thoughts of ‘I wish.’

Wanna know a few Insights of why you ought to be comfortable being uncomfortable?

Read on…

Growth is a factor of discomfort. Nature has a perfect model of how the growth process takes course. From a hatched egg of a butterfly, it undergoes structural changes to larvae then pupa before it ultimately grows to a full-blown butterfly. A state of discomfort is experienced in each development phase. For the chick to hatch, the egg must be subdued to intense stress- a state of discomfort! Being comfortable never gives you that.

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Being comfortable kills creativity and productivity. Our minds have greater propensities for easy routines- featherweight tasks. We naturally tend to gravitate towards our safe zones and net effect of this is our growth is curtailed. That’s why it becomes hard to kick our brains out of the comfort zone. Devising new routines, ideas, thoughts and disciplines becomes one heck of a challenge.

There’s nothing wrong with “being comfortable being comfortable’’. In fact, I champion that we should be in the comfort zone from time to time as we relax and reflect our past experiences. The importance of this is for you to rejuvenate, stretch your boundaries, to grow and get better.

How would you know that you are comfortable being uncomfortable?

There are several techniques that can prove your are comfortable being uncomfortable. However, to me the genesis of it all rests in knowledge. In a rapidly globalized world, the last thing you would want is to be at the tail end in terms of constant acquisition of knowledge and new skills. This translates to reading beyond what you already know. The mind like any other muscle needs exercise to be strengthened. You can engage your mind in work through research, reading and cognitive activities.

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You know that you are in the trajectory of growth when you develop a genuine interest in people, places, events and even the small ideas around you. You begin to observe more, learn more, listen more, ask more and practice more. You allow your mind to be like that of a child. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck!

Be comfortable being uncomfortable!


It’s clichéd that behind every successful man is a woman Yes! Partly true partly false. But, I beg to differ. Behind every successful man lies a series of untold stories of countless toils, sleepless nights, repeated failures, delayed pleasures and gratifications. One word to these denominators- STRUGGLES!

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Struggles are inherent to the successful life we all crave for. We all face struggles in our day to day lives. Whether you want to be the best Dad or Mum to your kids, the best writer in your niche, to have financial freedom (when you get in the café you order meals without looking at the right side of the menu), the well sought out journalist/actress/cook or elite entrepreneur in your business- the struggles are there!

One funny thing about struggles is that they are part of the process. There could be shortcuts that people have devised to get on top of the ‘food chain’. The repercussions remain to be detrimental.

Let me put it on record that i have no bad intentions. But think of a doctor who used deceitful means to getting on top of his profession. With top notched academic qualifications but crafty medical skills and expertise. Truth be told the struggles were not felt. You become a threat to the society! A medical quack! You are regarded as a killer rather than a saver of lives!

Struggles are indices of success. Who said it’s always easy? It never comes easy. No instant coffee!

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Denzel Washington a renowned American actor and film producer quotes “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”

For you to be at the top of the game, you must be cognizant of the struggles and finding pleasure in the process. You get tougher with the going. You cultivate discipline and remain on course to get the work done.

Handling struggles is a personal and an unending journey. Challenges must be overcome in multiple areas; be it business, family, career, education, relationships, health, finances or in any other circle of life.

A better challenge lies ahead for every conquered challenge.

One might ask, are these struggles man-made or are they in effect of nature settling its own scores? I don’t know!

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It’s also important to know that we ought to be smart while struggling. Some struggles are of insignificance vis-à-vis the efforts and resources channelled in. Be well informed of the process to ensure your struggles reap handsomely. Only partake of activities that mirror the kind of success you desire.

As we are captains of our various ships in the sea of life, it’s salient that we recognize the struggles and tackle the challenges with the right mindset.

The beauty of the journey of success lies in the struggles.

5 Incredible Ways To Earn Money As A Student.

There are a million and one ways on how students can earn money while still in college. Coupled with their busy schedules, students want to maximize on their free time. Earning a few bucks comes in handy Right?

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Well, it’s great to earn while still in college but also prudent that you learn out of the experience. I would recommend that you tap into the money-making skills as they prepare you for the job market.

For this case I’ll show you some of the online methods of earning as they give you flexibility to work on your own schedule. Personally, I have tried some of the methods and the good news is, THEY ROCK !!!

So you want to discover these ways?

Read on…

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing basically means working from the comfort of your home. Are you interested in writing, web design, graphic design, photography, transcription, social media marketing et cetera. Whatsoever your interest. You name it! Freelancing has got you covered!

Students and graduates are making 6 figure income from freelancing if only you do it right. Offering freelance services can enhance your skills and expands your knowledge.


Am a freelance writer and data entry specialist and I must confess freelancing has earned me a substantial amount of money. Walter Akolo is a reputable freelance writer and my trainer. You can refer to his website here.

Some of the free websites where you can land some freelancing jobs include; Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and iwriter. Register and start earning!

2. Blogging

As a student you can create your own website. It’s one of the ways of establishing your online presence. The blog forms a platform for sharing your thoughts and views on an array of topics.

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You can decide to write on topics related to fashion, games, beauty products, travelling, celebrities, love, sex and the list is endless. You generate income by posting.

All you need is to add a google Adsense to your blog and google pays you upon approval. YES GOOGLE PAYS!! Adsense is a program runned by google and you earn money based on the number of visitors and clicks.

3. Publish a kindle book

The creative juices within students can pen down some of the most interesting stories ever told. What a way to tell your story in form of an book!

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Yes it takes effort, discipline and commitment but in the long run it’s a profitable venture.

It takes nearly less than five minutes to publish your book on sites like Amazon and you’re certain of reaping up to 75% of the profits generated.

Worth every dime try!

4. Offer Tutoring Lessons

Tutoring revolves around applying knowledge you acquired from those lecture classes or time spent cramming( Hehe! sounds funny) – in helping others.

In the process you cement your knowledge in your area of study with while earning a couple of pennies.

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You are flexible in that you can tutor elementary kids, high school students or offer your tutoring services online.

All the same tutoring will pay you the bills, build your resume and assist fellow students.

5. Answering Online Surveys

Filling online surveys during your free time is a great way of earning money as a student. It’s quite hectic and time consuming with small rewards.


But the catch is, you can bag in some dollars if you spend most of your time online.

Earning $2 per survey might incentivise you to give it a try. Some of the best sites to take these surveys include; Global Test Market, MySurvey, Toluna et cetera.

There are an influx of ways of how you can earn money as a student. The ones I have mentioned are the best and easy ways to pitch in.But for you to enjoy the maximum benefits, you must work your ass off! There are no quick-fix schemes. Expand your horizons and maximize on time as you get your feet wet in earning extra cash. Good luck!

Let me get your thoughts on other ways through which students can earn money in the the comment section.

5 Simple Tips To Succeeding In the Keto Diet


The Keto lifestyle program is becoming a part of most people’s lives. It’s one of the proven ways of rapidly shedding those kilos. Others adopt the program to boost their mental performance. Unfortunately, it’s not a “happy ever after” story for everyone. Most people opt out along the way before the body is fully fat fuelled. This state is known as ketosis.

The “Keto Flu” is a major contributor that might force you to drop the program 1, 2 weeks after its induction. The condition is characterized by migraine, drowsiness and nausea. The body here is transitioning from a sugar burning machine to a fat burning machine. Let’s dive into the 5 simple tips that will help you succeed in the keto diet.

1.   Cut-off Carbohydrates

Consuming high carb foods stimulate the body to break them down to glucose for energy. You can’t afford that. While you’re on a keto diet, you should ensure the body derives its energy from fat breakdown. Research indicates, that your intake of net carbs can be maintained below 20g. At this range your body is actively breaking down fats for energy and the end result is ketosis.

2.  Cut-off Proteins

If you are to succeed in the keto diet, reduce your protein levels at all cost. This is because excess proteins act as substrates and are broken down to provide energy. This reduces ketosis and you might end up being a keto drop out.

3.   Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is central to having a successful keto lifestyle program. Water keeps you hydrated and controls your hunger spikes. 8 glasses a day will do you lots of good.

4.  Exercise!

I cannot overemphasize on this. Take a regular walk. Cycle. These are some of the simple exercises you can do. They’ll keep you on track to achieving ketosis and ultimately succeed in the keto diet. They hasten loss of weight and regulate your sugar levels.

5.  Keep Off From Snacking

If you must snack then keto snacks are the ideal option. Otherwise, eating even when there’s no feeling of hunger might surge the levels of insulin in your body. This consequently curtails your efforts to achieving ketosis.

So what are you waiting for? The mere fact that you started on a keto diet is a stupendous achievement. To have a successful keto diet program act on these simple tips. Within a short period of time you’ll have a keto testimony for yourself and your friends!!